Best Tequila for Margaritas

As we mentioned in our how to make the best margarita article, we found that, in our opinion, the best tequila for margaritas is the Calle 23 Blanco.

You could do what we did and make several (rounds of) margaritas to come to this decision. But we have tried to save you the time and get right to drinking wonderful margaritas and not concerning yourself with whether you have the best.

best tequila for margarita

Best Tequila for Margaritas

The Calle 23 is a beautifully clean tequila that goes perfectly with the margarita.

Our readers are all over the world and have varying budgets. We felt it was important that we chose a product for our best tequila for margaritas recommendation, that is accessible to most. It’s easy enough to buy in a shop or online, and not too expensive.

After all, a margarita is a cocktail which means you are using several spirits. The more expensive, more complex tequilas are not necessarily better as the addition of other ingredients can mask the nuance you’ve paid all that money for.

But that doesn’t mean you should use a cheap mixto tequila. If you want to avoid a tequila hangover and enjoy your drink use a good 100% blue agave tequila. You want a good quality tequila for your magarita, not necessarily the most complex flavour, but a nice clean, fresh taste to enhance the cocktail enjoyment.

Stick to Blanco and Resposados tequilas for your margaritas, use Cointreau and fresh lime juice, and dance the night away.

What do you think is the best tequila for margaritas?

best tequila for margarita cocktails

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