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Recipe | Tequila Old Fashioned

A Tequila Old Fashioned is a unique twist on the classic we all know and love. 

It was inevitable that we would make a Tequila Old Fashioned as we love the whiskey version so much.

The original Old Fashioned cocktail was created in the 19th century and has come in and out of fashion over the last 150 years. 

Traditionally an Old Fashioned is made with bourbon or rye whiskey, angostura bitters, a sugar cube, a dash of water, and an orange twist. The process of making an Old Fashioned begins with the sugar and bitters being muddled together first before adding the alcohol and garnish. It is served in a short round tumbler glass.

Essentially an Old Fashioned is spirit, sugar and bitters. There are many variations 

We already know how well orange goes with tequila thanks to the margarita so adding orange bitters and sugar to a strong premium tequila, such as a reposado or anejo, is a great way to enjoy the spirit.

We like to use an anejo tequila for this recipe as it has been aged longer for a deep, smooth flavour profile. But if you use a reposado you’ll get the lighter, vanilla flavour notes instead. Try both and see which you prefer!

This is sophisticated evening drink, strong, cool and balanced. We like to sip this on a crisp autumn evening. 

You can use simple sugar syrup (or even agave syrup) instead of dissolving the sugar if time is short but as this contains water, we prefer to dissolve the sugar the old fashioned way!

Patron - Reposado Old Fashioned 2



50 ml Reposado or Anejo Tequila
2 tsp Golden Sugar
1 dash Orange Bitters
Orange peel for garnish


1. In a low ball or old fashioned glass add the sugar, tequila and bitters.

2. Carefully stir this until the sugar has dissolved. This can take about 5 minutes and required continuous stirring. 

3. Take a piece of orange peel and twist over the glass to express the oils on top of the cocktail. Drop the peel into the glass.

4. Add large ice cubes or a “glass filler” ice block and stir once



Adapted from Patron  

Tequila Old Fashioned