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Review | Patron – Reposado

We have a soft spot for Patron’s Reposado at TTS. It was the first premium tequila I ever tried and it changed the game. But that was a long time ago and I have drank a lot more tequila since. That said, Patron Reposado is still in our house selection.

patron reposado tequila

Patron’s Reposado is made from 100% Blue Agave from the Los Altos Highlands in Jalisco. It has been aged in oak barrels for 6 months. It is 40% ABV (80 proof) and costs around £50.


Each bottle of Patron is hand made, numbered and signed and is mottled in a way that makes it feel more authentically handmade though machines shape the bottle. A satisfying cork top and traditionally styled, familiar labelling make the Patron bottle a welcome sight. However given the premium status of Patron, I would have liked something more premium than a sticker for it’s labelling.

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For reposado it is lighter than others, much closer to a Joven that expected, which goes some way to explain the rest of the experience. It is a pale golden colour and when poured is a watery consistency.


Leaving it to come to room temperature, the aroma of the reposado is sweet, vanilla and agave. The agave possibly a little dirty and earthy. The alcohol evaporates quickly as it warms and the aromas become bolder, with more of the cooked agave coming through to a spicy, white pepper and black pepper scent. There is some citrus, sour apple and dairy tones too. On bringing to the lips, the alcohol can be overpowering as it evaporates, at 40% that is not surprising though other tequilas can mask this better. 


The first feel in mouth is peppery and alcoholic as expected and very strong cooked agave. Again as expected given the lighter colour. It is tingly on the tongue but not too strong. The intensity of the agave is quite full and catches the nasal senses taking the flavour into the nose.

Held in the mouth it feels clean though not to be held for too long, its a “sip & drink” rather than a “sip & savour” tequila. The sweetness comes though once you swallow, along with the vanilla and further agave. The bottom end of the flavour and aroma remains peppery with more butter and citrus. The finish isn’t clean and it isn’t dirty, it’s in between. Perhaps a little too peppery, lasting longer than required, however not unpleasant.

patron tequila


It makes for a good experience, perhaps more from the name that the tequila, for sipping there is better however it is enjoyable to open a Patron bottle, pour it from a traditional “handmade” bottle and enjoy the taste. It is a tequila we always have stocked and I recommend it as a gift to people just starting in their tequila journey. I would happily drink this at any occasion, sipping, shooting or mixing.

The Margarita Test

We put all of our tequila through the Margarita test.

The Patron Reposado is our go to for a margarita. It mixes very very well and the smoothness is accentuated in a margarita. The sweetness of the vanilla shines, there is a little nuttiness and the 6 months resting takes the edge off compared to a blanco. It is not complex enough to complicate the cocktail and not simple enough to be overpowered.

It passes. 

patron tequila bottle

What we say… 7/10

Patron Reposado is a premium though not too premium, pale yellow tequila. It is light and clean though more peppery than necessary and has has sweet vanilla and butter aftertaste. It is a nice bottle with a good, not great price. It is brilliant in a margarita and perfect for a “do it all” tequila, good enough for sipping, shooting or mixing.

For the money, there are better quality reposados certainly, however there are few that are as widely available and socially regarded. If you want to like tequila, Patron Reposado is a good starting point. If you already like tequila, you will have tried this and have your own opinion.